We offer one thing and we do it the best we can: power vinyasa yoga. You might also know it as flow yoga or active yoga or the fast yoga. It's all of that, but much more, because vinyasa is the dancing-to-the-beat-of-your-own-drum kinda yoga. 

Physically, we mix traditional asanas (poses) with vinyasa (flow), to create a rhythmic sequence (transitions), that challenges the body and brain. In class, expect to sweat, to feel your muscles burn from the work, to question your flexibility and stability, and to assess your mobility and strength in new ways.

We are fanatics about safe transitions, body alignment and injury awareness in yoga, which uses repetitive movements. Like every physical exercise, yoga has its precautions, and so above instruction and giving you a cool yoga class, we seek to educate on how to move safely and with the most ease for your body.

Mentally, we keep your mind busy through physical movement, which can be a great anxiety manager. Your problems can be put on hold for the hour, while you work your ass off to concentrate and stay inside your body. But should your worries creep up in class, don't panic. Your job is not to be perfect, but to be resilient, and keep moving safely.

We offer a zen-free zone, which simply means we stick to guiding you through safe exercise, with no philosophical or spiritual interruption. This is your workout, and we encourage you to use your body to think. 

Classes hold just 10 students or less. This offers our teachers an opportunity to get to know, and help develop, each student's practice a little more through cues, adjustment and community.

Community is an important part of well being and mental health, and our members and teachers have come to love and enjoy our intimately sized classes. We work to keep this a part of what we do, and work with teachers who understand that yoga class is an opportunity to create a positive setting, and ultimately a positive experience.  

If you’re looking for a yoga studio that challenges you physically, we might be the place. Try us out. Drop-ins are 20 bucks, and if you purchase a new monthly membership, your first class is on us. Look out for our $10 drop-in specials that happen every now and then. See our full yoga menu here. 

Interested? Come make some yoga with us. 
Sign up online, use your free MindBody app or text us. Please sign-in no later than 30 minutes before class. Sign-up is mandatory for all new and returning students. Thanks so much for supporting our studio.


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