Pick the class you need. Questions? Contact us and we'll help you create a yoga plan right for your body and goals.

Our staple power vinyasa class and our most popular one. Yes, this is open to everyone, no matter the experience level. Just come prepared to workout. Expect choreographed yoga flows, set to a select playlist, that challenges body and brain. This class includes balance, mobility and increased heart rate. 

Asanas and power vinyasa focusing on muscle building and strength, functional movement, inversion and handstand experimentation and repetition of flows.

Not just an abs class. Expect to work various abs angles, glutes and low back, to help improve daily movement and physical activity outside of yoga. Ideal for cross-trainers, runners, body builders, commuters and anyone who is alive and breathing, because CORE is everything.

For heartaches and hangovers, this is a studio favourite. Smooth vinyasa sequencing, twists and forward bending, with a focus on postures linked to detoxing the body and brain and getting blood flowing. Also highly recommended for managing anxiety or depression. *use your body to think*

We recommend starting here. Ideal if you're new to vinyasa style yoga or you've been out of touch with yoga for a while. Includes deconstructing fundamental poses, how to flow, and body alignment cues for a safe and effective practice. Not a mandatory class, but highly recommended.

Get more done before 9AM than most people get done before noon. Variations on the traditional Sun Salutation and waking up mindfully for the day. Coffee consumption encouraged before and during class, although the effects can vary from one person to the next. 


45 minutes of power vinyasa on your lunch break - midday jump-start. Just because it's quick, doesn't mean it can't be effective. We'll have you yoga'd and out the door in less than an hour.

1. All classes are held in a warm room of 28C.
2. We offer FREE loaner mats.
3. All monthly members receive FREE mat storage at the studio.
4. Doors open 20 minutes before class.
5. All classes open to those willing learn and try. All levels welcome.

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