Sandy Braz, owner, 200 RYT
Sandy has been a fitness journalist for the past decade and a fitness and yoga teacher for 15 years; these career paths were inspired by her teen years as a competitive figure skater, learning to appreciate the benefits and value of healthy body mechanics and alignment. YOGA YOGA is a studio built on years of her research, writing, teaching, training and believing that using your body to think - putting your anxiety, doubts, ego and flaws into a strong, physical discipline - is a healthy tool for managing a wild and chaotic mind.

Diane Bruni
Special guest teacher
One of Canada's first Ashtanga students and teachers, Diane is a teacher trainer and mentor to many of the city's yoga teachers. A hefty portion of teachers in the city have either been trained by or attended a class by Diane. Her current practice and teaching style is forward-thinking in movement therapy and body awareness; she is both outspoken and experienced in her views on movement, yoga and the business of yoga, and has owned popular studios in the city, as well as developed numerous teacher training programs

Stephanie Lemyre, 500 RYT
Stephanie's teaching style is informative, elegant and engaging for students of all levels. Each class offers a unique perspective and approach to vinyasa and ashtanga yoga. She helps students blend asana and flow seamlessly, while connecting to breathing practices that help elevate the class experience. Stephanie is also a skilled and experienced Mysore teacher and introduces students to a self-empowered approach to yoga through self practice.

Soni Craik Christie, 200 RYT
You'll find this special teacher leading students through classes that focus on self-care through vinyasa and stretch. Her instruction is thoughtful and easy to follow, making it ideal for both new comers and long-time yogis looking to improve upon body recovery from sports and yoga injuries. Soni is also our mom and baby yoga teacher (and a new mom herself)offering post-natal yoga instruction that offers moms an opportunity to develop (or regain) their yoga practice after baby.

Fernanda Cano Sedeh, 500 RYT, 300 Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda
Learning and teaching is what moves Fernanda. She blends traditional asanas and modern flow practice into her classes, a style that she has brought to Toronto, after studying abroad in Brazil, the United States and India. Her style is fundamental, compassionate and educational. She is also a prenatal yoga teacher at our studio. She loves brownies dogs and cats, not necessarily in that order.

Chris (Cee) Bowen, 200 RYT, Thai Massage, Acro Yoga 
Cee is a teacher with many talents, all based in supporting a solid and strong yoga practice. His classes are fast-paced and ideal for students looking to push their physicality, however this doesn't mean classes are closed to beginners - quite the opposite. Cee's approach is a good base-line for building your vinyasa practice and defining your strength and alignment in unison. Cee is also our resident acro (partner) yoga specialist, which encourages trust, connection and physicality between partners and friends participating in his workshops.

Karina Vottchal, 200 RYT
Karina brings a unique and well-rounded background to her yoga teaching style, including being a certified kickboxing instructor and personal trainer. Her yoga teaching style is reflective of her experience with various body types and hands-on adjustments, which allow students to have a better understanding of how their bodies should feel and respond to postures and flow.

Michelle Marcos, 200 RYT
Strength and grace best describe this teacher best. Michelle creates a fun and challenging experience in each class, signalling healthy and safe cues in each class, helping students achieve a practice that is strength-building for body and mind. Her playlists alone will motivate you to move.

Tyler Jackson, 200 RYT
Tyler doesn't just make the yoga, he lives the physical practice. As a cyclist and urban commuter, he gets how to mend physical wear through strength and restoration. His classes are ideal for urban dwellers whose bodies are beat up by the city grind through cycling, walking, running, skateboarding and TTC-taking. Always a fun and engaging experience with this guy. 

Marla Vettese, 500 RYT & Certified Pilates
Veteran teacher and former national ballroom dance champion, Marla has been moulding bodies through yoga, Pilates and dance for 20 years. Her classes are fun, open and can be intense. All levels always welcome, but come prepared to work every minute of your class. She delivers a fulfilling workout every time.

Edane Padme, Kids' Yoga Specialist & Tea Meditation Guide
Edane melds the serene with education in every kids' yoga session. She guides children though yoga and tea meditation and mindfulness at our studio and also hosts regular tea mediation ceremonies for adults of all ages. Her approach to yoga and meditation is inviting and warm and always a pleasure to enjoy

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