We have new workshops to help you improve your yoga and fitness in 2017. 

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LOVE: prenatal yoga club
Exercise helps the body prepare for birth, and yoga is part of a healthy exercise and strength plan for many new moms. This 4-week series will cover yoga work and meditation techniques that can help manage the physical and mental demands of labor and delivery. Meet other moms-to-be in the community and enjoy this time to yourself every Sunday morning.
Sundays, April 10 - May 1 (4 weeks)
10:30AM - 11:30AM
$79 (+hst); includes a FREE class to try on our regular yoga schedule
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BABE: mom and baby yoga club

This 4-week class is designed with post-natal needs in mind, helping new mothers find their yoga bodies through guided vinyasa and community discussion on motherhood and exercise. Includes FREE pass to any class on our schedule. Taught by Soni Craik Christie. 
Tuesdays, Mar22 - Apr 11 (4 weeks)
11AM-12PM (moms and babes welcome to arrive @ 10:30AM for community hang-out) (freight elevator available for your stroller or strollers can be left in lobby)
$79 (+hst)
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BUDS: mindfulness camp for kids (4 weeks) (ages 8-12)
Your son or daughter could be doing a lot of activities after school so why not try yoga? This group class is a 4-week experience for your 8-12 year old, where basic to intermediate yoga postures are learned and mindfulness and meditation are explored; for many kids, it's their first experience with any or all of these. Our environment is bright, open and safe and classes are taught by Edane Padme, a wonderful teacher with a background in children's education and yoga for youth. Includes FREE pass to any regular class on our schedule for mom or dad.
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BASE: acro and partner yoga
Want to learn how to fly? This is the workshop you want to be at. Acro ("partner") yoga is popular with couples and friends who want to explore how to play with their yoga skills as a BASE (the bottom) and FLYER (the top). In this workshop we focus on how to train the BASE to help his/her partner fly. You'll learn fundamental Acro Yoga skills, techniques are postures and be able to enjoy Acro play any time. Taught by Chris (Cee) Bowen, with Sandy Braz (from YOGA YOGA) as his flyer. Includes FREE pass to any regular class on our schedule for you or a buddy.
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POWER: pilates for yogis

This class trains core strength like you've never trained it before. Done completely on your yoga mat, learn traditional Pilates exercises and how they apply to your yoga work - a weekly Pilates practice, mixed with vinyasa yoga, can offer positive body benefits and we'll be talking about that at the studio during the month of APRIL. Ask us.

Pilates utilizes smaller support/stabilizer muscles that, when trained, can create a leaner, stronger body to help improve daily movement. This 4-week class series is good yoga/Pilates combo if you're interested in varying your practice.

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*Existing KARMA or FLEX pass holders, this 4-week series is a separate purchase ($79), however you receive 10% off as a thank you for supporting the studio, plus get a free pass with your purchase to any yoga class.

Saturdays, APRIL 30 - MAY 28 (4 weeks) w/ Marla Vettese
$79 (+hst) (get a free class to YOGA YOGA)
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*this class is included in all monthly memberships

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