our c l a s s e s.


Our most popular session. Open to all levels. Learn choreographed yoga flows, set to a playlist that will leave you distracted enough to focus on your body


For heartaches and hangovers. Smooth vinyasa sequencing with a focus on postures linked to detoxing the body and brain.


The choreographed flows you love with emphasis on making muscle and balancing functional and soft movement that won’t bust up your body.


This class promotes quieting the mind before bed. Vinyasa flows with a mellow feel, created to help you get the most from you rest.



We say, start here. Includes deconstructing poses and introducing the basics of getting to know better body mechanics. 


Get more done before 9AM than most people get done before noon. A mellow feel before you start your day. Community, coffee, yoga. 


BYOB(aby). This is not yoga for babies. This is yoga for people with them. This class is for moms/dads seeking community and a sweaty workout 1x per week, where you can bring your baby along (up to 1 year old).


This is a very intro to meditation class. 30 minutes of guided meditation to music or podcasts that help soothe the body and brain. For the month of OCTOBER (mental health awareness month), our monthly supporters receive this class included in their membership. $10 cash only for pass holders and drop-ins. Sign in required to reserve your spot.


Not just an abs class. Ideal for cross-trainers, runners, body builders, commuters and anyone who is alive and breathing, because CORE is everything.


A reset or unplug activity midday. 45 minutes of flowing and community.

420 flo.

Special class that combines some of our favourite things: community, 420 and yoga. This is a 420 optional class. We have created a safe space to lead you through anxiety-reducing flows.


A slow-moving vinyasa flow, set to chill music and candle light.