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We offer one thing and we do it the best we can: vinyasa yoga sessions set to wicked playlists. We take requests. 


Anything you do consistently will eventually change you. Even enough of this yoga will change your body and, sure, even change your mind over time. But yoga is not perfect. It can make injury as closely as it can heal you, and for that reason we go to lengths at our studio to instruct safely, using information about body mechanics and good form to teach you.

Basically, here is what you need to know before attending a class here:

Our 2-class yoga package we call INTRO DEAL is a good place to start. Come test us for yourself, bring a mat and a buddy if you can. Doing yoga next to people you like is fun. 

We take 10 students or less per session. It's beneficial to learn in small groups, but it's also beneficial to teach in them, too. We learn a lot in small numbers, about you and how you move, and how to help you move smoother, stronger, clearer. 

We teach only vinyasa yoga here.

Most sessions are 60 minutes here. Some are 45-50.

We lead classes in the Big Yoga Room with the purple door. The acoustics are beautiful in there and make playlists sound spectacular.

We offer a ZEN-NEUTRAL ZONE. We don't teach yoga philosophy or talk about how to live your best life. We talk about life though, sure. But mostly, we just do the physical yoga parts here.


COMMUNITY is our culture here, maybe even before the yoga. Our classes are inspired by the people who take them; we are a community of friends, neighbours, siblings, partners, teachers and coworkers. Everything we do is a reflection of the people who train here, and that's why it works.